Technology: The Definition, Types, Examples, and Benefits

Technology is all means to provide goods needed for the survival and comfort of human life. The use of technology in each field is different. Here’s the review.

Understanding Technology

The language of technology comes from Greek, namely tekhnologia which is a combination of “techne” and “logos”. Techne means art or skill while logos means the science of study. In the Big Indonesian Dictionary, technologies are all means to provide goods needed for the survival and comfort of human life.

Meanwhile, the definition of technology according to experts is as follows:

According to Capra

Technologies are a systematic discussion of applied arts or craftsmanship. So, this is in accordance with Greek literature which refers to the word techne which means art discourse.

According to Manuel Castells

Technologies are a collection of tools, rules, and procedures as a form of applying scientific knowledge to a particular job under conditions that allow repetition.

According to Gary J. Anglin

The definition of technologies is the systematic application of behavioral, natural, and other knowledge to solve human problems.

According to Miarso

The definition of technology is a form of process that can increase added value. Then, the running process can use or produce certain products that are not separate from other existing products.

According to Poerbahawadja Harahap

Technology is a word used to describe the science that explores the workings of engineering.

Types of Technology in Daily Life

Currently, technologies are present in various fields according to human needs. The types of technologies commonly found in everyday life are as follows:

1. Information Technologies

Information technologies or IT are technologies that make it easier for humans to convey information to others quickly and precisely. This technology consists of the software and hardware needed to convey the information. Examples of information technologies such as; websites, television, radio, and so on.

2. Communication Technologies

Another type of technology is communication technology. This technology helps humans to communicate with each other using certain devices. Therefore, this type of technology is perhaps the most felt in human life at this time. Examples of communication technology are e-mail, smartphones, and short message applications.

3. Technologies in the field of transportation

A device that helps humans move from one place to another in a fast time. The presence of these technologies makes human mobility more efficient. Examples such as trains, planes, electric trains, electric cars, and so on.

4. Technologies in Education

Who would have thought that in the education system there is also an element of technology? This type of technology was created to improve learner performance. Some examples of educational technology are teaching methods, laboratory equipment, online learning, and so on.

5. Technologies in the Health Sector

This type is used in medical activities. Health or medical technology has a very broad scope. So, technological innovations in this field are beneficial for maintaining human health, reducing pain, and accelerating recovery. Examples in this field are thermometers, stethoscopes, syringes, infusions, health consulting software, and so on.

6. Construction Technologies

This type relates to the tools and methods used in constructing building structures from either the basic structure or the advanced level. Examples such as heavy equipment for construction, construction work methods, and so on.

7. Agricultural Technologies

The field of agriculture or agriculture also uses technology in the form of machines or certain cultivation techniques. The goal is to increase agricultural production. Examples such as tractors, crop dryers, seed sorting machines, and so on.

8. Technologies in Architecture

Architectural technology is a component of building engineering and architecture that deals with construction methods, building design, and building materials. These technologies are needed for the purposes of building design both interior and exterior. Examples such as building engineering, building design, and so on.

9. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a branch of computer science that aims to achieve the intelligence demonstrated by machines. These technologies consist of several disciplines such as mathematics, philosophy, economics, computers, engineering, psychology, neuroscience, and control theory. Examples such as Google, virtual assistants, recommendation features on digital platforms, and so on.

10. Field Technology

Business Technology in this business field is the application of several sciences such as science, engineering, data, and information. The technologies business, sector is very helpful for small businesses and MSMEs so that these businesses can compete with larger businesses.

Examples in the business field are features of online transactions, marketing using the internet, and so on.

The Benefits in Daily Life

Apart from being divided into several types, technologies also provide many benefits in all fields. Here are some of the benefits of technologies in everyday life:

  1. Make it easier to receive information.
  2. Facilitate communication between humans.
  3. Make learning more effective and efficient.
  4. Facilitate the diagnosis of a disease.
  5. Facilitate financial transactions.