Endgame gets the best showdown , but a baggier middle and weaker last gut-punch puts it just behind Part 1. Less of a superhero movie and more of an old-school Disney fairytale, Marvel’s first Asian-led outing has some of the franchise’s best action scenes. factory-publishing Partly because the special effects are so slick (dragons!), partly because they were edited to let you actually see what was going on (the bus fight!), but mostly because Awkwafina was in them. Is this really a Captain America movie or just Avengers 2.5?

  • It works better as a standalone film, effectively serving as Thanos’s solo movie, and has a really different tone for a Marvel film.
  • The Fantastic Four will make their long-awaited MCU debut November 2024 as the first entry in Phase 6 of the MCU.
  • Whether you’re new to the MCU or want to rewatch all the Marvel movies so far, here are a few different ways you can watch all 27 Marvel movies in order.
  • The film broke all pre-sales records, and raked-in $2 billion faster than any to date.
  • It was a palate cleanser between the unending epic misery of Infinity War and the over the top bombast of Endgame.

Taika Watiti’s take on Thor is widely considered one of the best Marvel movies ever made and a necessary reinvention of the Thor character. The idea of Marvel ever pulling off a successful adaptation of Civil War would have seemed absurd when Iron Man was first released. The storyline was simply too big and controversial to ever make it to the silver screen. Very, because not only did Marvel adapt the story, they did it in style. We’ve officially crossed the rubicon now from not very good to just about OK with Black Widow.

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Had this been the last Iron man movie, it would have been a fitting send-off to the character that started the MCU, but as it stands, Iron Man 3 is like the last chapter of a book that doesn’t realise it’s over. It’s also important to remember how the look of the fantasy movie’s mirror dimension and the magic Strange wields became part of the visual grammar of the MCU. We love each, and every one of these movies , and hard choices had to be made along the way – thankfully, we didn’t have to push anyone off a cliff to finish the list. So know that even if we’ve put your favourite MCU film is towards the bottom, there’s no judgement here anyway; here is our list of the MCU movies ranked. If you’ve watched all of the above, you’ve processed over nine days worth of Marvel movies and television. And there’s still more to come – which we will add to this chronological list as soon as it’s released.

Sure we still get the snark, action, and over the top superhero fun. Still, you can never shake the feeling that Thanos’s big purple sausage fingers are about to pull the joy right out of your head while watching it. Conversely, if I’m feeling a bit too chipper, I pop on Infinity War and watch all my favourite heroes die.

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The MCU’s first animated show returns for another series of hypothetical stories that explore alternate realities created when the timeline branches off in another direction. A trailer shown at SDCC showed many classic characters returning, as well as a glimpse of Marvel 1602, a Neil Gaiman-penned story set in the 17th century. Officially the first movie in the Marvel Universe timeline, there was no better director than Joe Johnston to take on the origin tale of America’s ass.