Strategy development without market data is like crossing the Atlantic without a GPS system and compass. We quantify market potentials and identify market trends, analyze competitors and evaluate the attractiveness of markets. We measure customer satisfaction and loyalty and optimize relevant customer contact points. The expansion of solution competencies and system sales strengthens our position vis-à-vis mass manufacturers. At the same time, online trade opens up new sales channels, but also increases competitive pressure and creates new challenges through increasing price transparency.

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  • Our specialist facilities and teams of trade assistance experts are available all over the world, and we have experience of regulations and standards on consumer and industrial goods across all industries and sectors.
  • Manage all aspects of human capital management with clear visibility into employee data and automated payments process.
  • Precious metal prices are generally more volatile than most other asset classes, making investment riskier and more complex than other investments.
  • Other institutional investors whose main activity is not recorded by those stated above.

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Specialty goods are characterized by robust, complete, most well-liked loyalty, special purchase effort, very little comparison of brands, and/or price sensitivity. These goods embrace those goods with distinctive characteristics and/or brand identification that a major cluster of buyers is routinely willing to create a special buying effort. The customer considers homogeneous goods similar in quality, resembling refrigerators, however they assume that costs are totally different and that they have a tendency to create comparisons. For example, refrigerators, air coolers, televisions, laundry machines, and consumer goods are shopping goods. Impulse goods are purchased while not aware of forethought – they’re the results of a sharp however powerfully felt need.