Consider what forms of recognition and reward will motivate team members the most. However, if well thought through, the scheme will normally pay for itself with the additional customer service results achieved. In conclusion, Managers who really engage with team members will help you succeed in looking after your staff and in turn, your customers.

  • Get in touch with the relevant team to find out how we can make a big difference to your business.
  • It will also include the response timescales and what the next steps will be.
  • Some of their customer practices may be adoptable in your organisation.
  • Also consider what time frames and format work best for you and your teams.
  • Internal customer service reviews or forums, when set up well, can provide you with some great ideas to improve customer service.

This avoids customers asking similar questions about your products and services. Explain clearly without jargon how their products and services work and will be delivered to the customer. Firstly, you might consider recognising customers’ special events and occasions, or meaningful milestones of customer loyalty.

Key activities

George Utz Ltd develops and manufactures plastic storage solutions, including containers, pallets, and component holders. Moorhen Holdings Ltd is a group consisting of manufacturers and distributors of steel cladding systems, property trading and letting and farming activities. FSi Ltdmanufactures and distributes passive fire-protection solutions. Hillbridge Investments Ltd is a group involved in waste treatment and disposal, and the development of waste recovery and recycling techniques specific to the waste industry. Peak Multi Academy Trust is a charity, limited by guarantee, that operates one secondary academy and three primary academies in south Derby.

Shadow team members in the organisation to find out what is really going on. Choose different functions and team members that will give you the whole view of how customer needs are being fulfilled within the organisation. Set some clear boundaries of responsibilities in handling the complaint.

Review individual and team performance regularly

This can really help to raise your credibility and encourage new referrals to your organisation. What tools do we have access to that can help us capture important customer information? For example, there are simple spreadsheets to full CRM systems that can help you capture and keep up to date this information. Before your customer makes contact with your business, they will consider or even research what other people have said before they are confident enough make a purchase. It is said that 90% of people will take the advice of friends or family when considering a purchase. To retain a larger customer base, meet the needs of your customers and strive to keep them happy.