What are some examples of food technology in life?

Food Products- When you hear the term food technology, you probably immediately imagine modern sophisticated machines. In fact, it turns out that there are many examples of food technology that you can find every day, you know!

About Food Technology

Broadly speaking, food technology is a branch of science that deals with techniques and principles in the processing and preservation of food ingredients. The application of this food technology can assist in the safe production of nutritious food.

By conducting a study of food technology, namely to develop new methods and systems so that food products remain safe and resistant to various natural hazards, such as bacteria and other microorganisms.

In the process of preserving food, food technologies help improve taste and reduce the content of toxins (toxins) in food products. That way, they can distribute and market these food products easily and efficiently.

If so, what are some examples of food technology that you can find on a daily basis?

Examples of Food Technology


If there is no food technology, the deliciousness and benefits of tempeh will probably never felt. The reason is, as you already know, the raw material for tempeh is soybeans. And thanks to food technology, soybeans also go through a fermentation process with the help of the fungus genus Rhizoporus, which later becomes tempeh.

Soybean itself is a natural food ingredient that is rich in nutrients. In addition to being a source of vegetable protein, soybeans are also rich in B vitamins, calories, calcium, phosphorus, and good fats. And through the fermentation process as a result of food technology, tempeh from soybeans also contains more nutritional value than the raw material. Please visit this site to know about business https://www.marathonmontpelliermetropole.com/


Bread is a product that you can market as an alternative to rice. The reason, bread is also a food source of carbohydrates. In addition, bread is more practical and easier to eat than rice.

The presence of bread itself will never realize without food technology. The reason is, that the process of making bread involves various types of ingredients. Apart from wheat as the basic ingredient of flour, there are also eggs, water, sugar, yeast, fat, and other ingredients.


This drink is also an example of food technology, you know! Because, the way to produce yogurt is through a bacterial fermentation process. Examples include Lactobacillus bulgarius, Streptococcus lactis, and Streptococcus thermophilus.

The bacteria that are mixed into the milk as the basic ingredient of this yogurt will be allowed to breed. Throughout the process, bacteria will convert the lactose contained in the milk into lactic acid.

Shrimp paste.

Did you know that the delicious and most enjoyable shrimp paste processed into chili sauce is also one of the food products that was born thanks to food technology? Similar to the examples above, shrimp paste is also produced by using a fermentation process.

Fish or shrimp which are the basic ingredients of shrimp paste are fermented with the help of several types of microorganisms. Once the fermentation process is complete. The fish and shrimp plus the microorganisms that are bred will change color to brownish red. In addition, the fermentation process also causes the shrimp paste to emit a distinctive aroma. After finishing packing the shrimp paste for sale.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of the definition and some examples of food technology. Apparently, food technology has existed for a long time and continues to develop from the traditional to the modern and sophisticated like in food factories today, right?

Hopefully with the information above you who are looking for entrepreneurship ideas in the food technology sector can get inspiration!

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