The module extends the knowledge acquired in digital systems with advanced topics in the emergent area of FPGA based system on chip design. The module will cover state-of-the-art features available in modern FPGAs exploring their fine-grained internal architecture and embedded macro blocks such as DSP slices, IPs and hardcore/softcore processors. A design language based on C/C++ will be presented as an alternative to traditional RTL design . High level synthesis tools will be used to compute signal processing applications.

For students studying in the American education system, typical offers for entry onto undergraduate level courses are based on obtaining 3.2in theHigh School Diplomaalong with achievement inAdvanced Placement Exams orSAT II Subject Specific Tests. We would typically require between ‘4, 4,4’ and ‘5, 5, 5’ in 3 AP exams or between ‘650, 650, 650’ and ‘750, 700, 700’ in 3 SAT subject tests. Students with A Level or IB qualifications will be considered for direct entry to undergraduate degree courses. The Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education is also acceptable with grades equivalent to the typical A Level offer requirements.

  • For students taking theNational Senior Certificate , typical offers range from6,6,6,6,6to7,7,7,7,7from the best 5 subjects, excluding Life Orientation.
  • The content is delivered as a combination of lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions that provide students with a fundamental understanding of embedded systems and their applications.
  • The module provides students with an opportunity to analyse risk management, information risk assessment, risk mitigation, management standards and methodologies, implementing a risk management strategy and business continuity planning.
  • If your study continues into future academic years your fees are subject to an annual increase.
  • This support extends to online Masters or Postgraduate Diplomas, and not to the online Postgraduate Certificate courses.
  • Data Systems Computers is a complete IT-solutions business with over 25 years of experience We have shown healthy growth every year and pride ourselves in our professionalism .

If you study a Bachelor Honours degree with us, you will be pre-approved to start a Masters degree at Winchester. To be eligible, you will need to apply by the end of March in the final year of your degree and meet the entry requirements of your chosen Masters degree. If you are studying an undergraduate course, you may be able to take out a loan for your tuition fees and living costs. We accept this qualification but due to recent updates to the grading levels within the European Baccalaureate, our entry requirements are currently under review. Please contact us directly via email to should you wish to obtain more information.


This includes the STEMLab which provides additional facilities, with a ‘drop-in’ engineering workshop, teaching laboratories, workshops, computer-aided design and rapid prototyping facilities, a design studio and informal learning spaces. These further increase our ability to train and develop skilled graduates that are targeted by major employers from across the world. You will enrol on an Electronic Engineering BEng with Foundation which will offer progression to a range of degrees in the School of Eletronic Engineering and Computer Science including BEng Computer Systems Engineering .

Students can undertake an optional 12 month sandwich placement following successful completion at Level 5. BS Employment Experience offers students the opportunity to undertake meaningful and relevant employment experience . You can pay your tuition fees by Direct Debit, debit card, credit card or bank transfer.

In this module you will develop an understanding of how to solve problems involving more than one variable. You will learn how to use matrices and solves eigenvalue problems, and how to manipulate vector differential operators, including gradient, divergence and curl. You will also consider their physical significance and the theorems of Gauss and Stokes.

Electronic Engineering Undergraduate Admissions

UK students accepted onto this course are eligible to apply for tuition fee and maintenance loans from Student Finance England or other government bodies. You can complete your Computer Systems Engineering degree in three or four years. If you choose to do a year in industry or study abroad, this will take place in Year 3 and Year 3 modules will instead be studied in Year 4. The University endeavours to deliver courses and programmes of study in accordance with the description set out in this prospectus. The University’s prospectus is produced at the earliest possible date in order to provide maximum assistance to individuals considering applying for a course of study offered by the University.

Certificate of Secondary Education Attestat o Polnom Srednem Obshchem Obrazovanii

The required grades in Mathematics and a science or technology subject must be achieved in your final examinations if you take them. If you do not take one of these subjects in your final examinations, you will need an average grade across 4 semesters in it. Our entry requirements are listed under the ‘United States of America’ section. You will need to hold an English language qualification in place of ACT or SAT scores as we can only accept these for United States citizens. Unfortunately we are unable to accept students onto our degrees on the basis of these qualifications alone.