You should book a flight out of either Phuket for after 3pm or the following day.Your guide can advise you on getting from the Phi Phi Islands to Phuket airport. We offer unbiased advice sessions about the benefits of taking a gap year. We can also provide printed materials such as brochures and flyers, including our ‘Should I take a Gap Year? Whether it’s a combination of a few countries, or an epic round the world journey, we can make sure you get the most out of your budget, and make sure the dates and flights fit perfectly for you.

  • The instructions seemed complicated at first but once you get a handle on how it works, it seems a lot simpler.
  • The only game about travelling around the world that is small enough to take with you.
  • You should buy your travel insurance as soon as you book your trip, because then you’re protected if you need to cancel it.
  • When using the return home cover, all cover is suspended on clearance of customs in your home country and restarts after the baggage check-in at your international departure point to your overseas destination.

Check the entry requirements for the countries you plan to visit. Some countries require visas on arrival so make sure you’re prepared with the right documents before you set off. Check out our mostfrequently asked questions about travel insurance. If you still need to talk to us, our friendly team will be happy to help. If you plan to use your card abroad to withdraw money, remember to check if you need to tell your bank.

Delayed delivery of checked baggage

Cancellation cover if your close relatives are medically diagnosed with Covid-19 or personally instructed to isolate by the NHS or a medical professional. Cancellation cover if you are medically diagnosed with Covid-19 or personally instructed to isolate by the NHS or a medical professional. Our service is free and compares a wide range of trusted household names. is an intermediary and receives commission from if you decide to buy through our website which is based on a percentage of the total annual premium. We pride ourselves on impartiality and independence – therefore we don’t promote any one insurance provider over another.

This gives you protection in case something happens while you are out in the snow, including medical assistance and helicopter rescue. Your equipment is also covered if it gets lost, damaged or stolen, while you are protected for piste closures and avalanche delays. You’ll be covered for emergency medical care, loss of baggage and working abroad.

Below is some information about our insurance products, for which Terms and Conditions apply. If it becomes medically necessary to repatriate you back to your home country, then this is covered too. You should also keep us up-to-date if there are any changes to your health prior to starting your travels, as it would need to be added to your policy in order for it to be included in your cover.


Meanwhile, when withdrawing cash you should be aware that most debit cards charge to take out cash abroad. The adventurous vanguard of independent travellers are also exploring beyond the established trails these days, so do your homework well. For example, both Cambodia and Laos are attracting backpackers looking for adventure beyond the rave beaches of Thailand. The falling price of around the world plane tickets, the popularity of career breaks and gap years, and a growing sense of adventurism are rolling back the frontiers of independent backpacking faster than ever. Indeed, now more than ever, backpacking around the world can be a seductive combination of fun, discovery and adventure, all on a low budget.

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You will not be eligible for cancellation cover until the policy starts. If you want this cover, you should consider starting the policy straight away. The Money Advice Service have developed a directory of Specialist travel insurance providers to ensure customers with pre-existing medical conditions are easily able to obtain access to affordable travel insurance. Cover is included for medical expenses including repatriation under the SunWorld policies and you can get cover for up to £15 million for Medical Emergency and Repatriation Expenses. An excess may apply but we do recommend you to get a GHIC card to allow you to benefit from the health care arrangements which exist between countries within the EU/EEA or Switzerland. In Australia you must enrol with a local MEDICARE office after the first occasion you see medical treatment and make sure you call the Emergency Claims Assistance Service for guidance.