Computer Skills That Must Be Mastered to Apply for a Job

Qualifications for today’s millennial employment are unquestionably more difficult than in past years. Given that we live in a digital age, computer skills are a prerequisite. Even if you don’t get an assignment to work in the Information Technology (IT) department, you still need computer skills for prospective employees who want to join the current business.

So, so that you don’t lose to compete with other millennial generations when applying for a job this year, you must master the following computer skills and include them in your CV. Click here if you are looking for information about business festivaldelladriatico

1. Microsoft Outlook to manage electronic mail that is easy to use with various features that support

Outlook is a personal information management application that is useful for reading and sending e-mails or e-mails. It also has the functions of notes, work schedules, calendars, and journals. Things like this are basic skills, so not only admins can master them.

2. To work in the millennial world of work, you must also be able to process data using Microsoft Excel.

Even though you are familiar with this application, Microsoft Excel is indeed more complicated than other Microsoft families. Try to learn and understand the use of formulas (at least simple ones) for data calculation, data processing, and tables. This skill is also basic because it will use for administrative purposes.

3. You must master Google Suite which allows you to do work anytime and anywhere because it is connected to the internet

Google Suite prioritizes collaboration and mobility capabilities. All data is on a Google server, so users are not limited by time and place. Data that is done during working hours can be immediately edited outside the office via a laptop connected to the internet or using a smartphone.

4. Today’s job seekers also need to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks to support company sites

The top sites found by Google have the potential to visit more than other websites. For that, it is necessary to include strong keywords so that they are easy to find. You can take SEO training courses or follow blogs like Moz and Hubspot to keep up with the ever-changing developments.

5. Not only do you have a social media account, you also have to understand how to use social media properly for business

You must be able to use social media for business purposes, for example knowing about the best times to upload content and understanding hashtag trends and functions. You must also master at least five computer skills which are a plus above so that your chances of being accepted for work are higher.

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