5 Best Tips for Teamfight Tactics Players: Get That Gaming Skills

The Teamfight Tactics mode of League of Legends has become a real breakthrough. People loved it so much they have requested a mobile version for months! And now, you can finally download it on iTunes and Google Play.

With a new mode or game come new difficulties and challenges. This is very exciting, but only for the people that have enough gaming skills for such levels. If you’re not one of them, it’s only a matter of time and dedication.

If you’re looking for a quick improvement, we have 5 ways to choose from. We’ll cover some basic tips you can use for the best result, as well as TFT boost as a way to get quick wins and learn from the best players.

Tip 1. Run the Tutorial Several Times

At the beginning of the game, you have an option to view a tutorial. Many players, considering themselves very professional, skip this stage, finding themselves in trouble the next moment.

It’s always best to view tutorials at least a couple of times. You get used to the interface and find out a lot of details about it and the game overall. There, you’ll find out the champion basics like:

  • The champion shop will refresh after every fight;
  • You can refresh it anytime by paying two gold;
  • Paying attention to the keywords of champions may provide you bonuses later on (if you combine champions with the same KWs);
  • You have to mind the team size limitations and add suitable champions to the team from the bench;
  • Upgrading the champion is possible by buying 3 of the same one. Thus, you’ll get one 2-star champ. The same algorithm works if you want a 3-star one, etc.

There are many more details that make the game very interesting, but you also need to know them to benefit from playing.

Tip 2. Learn and Practice Positioning to Win

Now, this will take some time. In this mode, positioning is the most important key to victory. It’s also one of the more difficult things to get right and learn how to do. You can be in the worst-case scenario, but moving one champion may change the picture in your favor.

While the basic tips will work well, every game is different in TFT, so you will have to learn to adapt to the circumstances.

Of course, you can use the basic tactic of gathering your heaviest, most ‘qualified’ champions on the front line, leaving damage dealers and other weaker (yet essential) champs in the back for the most safety.

Learn about every character and their features, such as the attack area. If you place someone weaker right behind a powerful unit, you may lose the former due to the range that will simply devour them.

Tip 3. Invest in Boosting Your Champions

Of course, we have a magic trick for everyone. If there’s a fight you simply can’t overcome (or you don’t have time, or insert your reason), you can always cooperate with a booster.

This is a semi-pro or pro player that knows all ins and outs of the game and can play instead of you. All you have to do is find a reliable service that will have specialists working with you in full safety with the most expensive VPNs on.

Elo-Boost.net is one such service, which has been helping LoL players get their rewards, improve skills, finish matches, and more since 2013. This is the oldest business in the niche still in operation!

Elo-Boost.net offers some of the best terms and conditions, generous discounts and reasonable prices, and a wide array of services, including TFT boosting. Besides, you can get coaching for the game to learn all its intricacies and become unbeatable.

You can talk to your booster, ask for advice, discuss the game, and become friends with them, playing alongside in other games as well.

Tip 4. Learn Gold Tricks in TFT

Money decides a lot in TFT, as in any other game (and in life). You’ll have a tiny amount of gold to start, but there are lots of opportunities to earn. Make sure you always have enough gold to shift the shop or buy a new champion.

Gain extra for:

  • A winning streak;
  • A losing streak;
  • A round ended with a victory;
  • An extra 1 gold for every 10 you have at the moment for every round.

The latter works up to 50 gold (meaning 5 extra units), so don’t bother expecting more than +5, and don’t get discouraged.

You can also sell your champs and buy new ones later to upgrade who you have or try someone fresh. Don’t worry about the items they carry, as they will be left in your inventory.

Tip 5. Use Different Strategies, Even in One Feat

Don’t fool yourself by thinking you’re unbeatable after a couple of fights won with the same strategy. Other players are also very smart and will eventually identify your tactics, easily beating them with their upgraded ones.

Learn more skills to use in fights, experiment, try new methods, items, etc. Adapt to the game flow. Oftentimes you will need to change a tactic mid-game, which is a good thing. Being unexpected is the best thing you can do to win every fight. 

Don’t go cheap on your champs as well, buy them every item necessary for opening their full potential. Saving that money won’t benefit you (especially if you’re killed).

Never Stop Learning

The only way to be the best for a long time is constantly learning. Don’t stop on one working tactic, try to develop new ones for every couple of fights. Other players are also smart and they aren’t going to use one approach all the time.

You need to improve, learn more about the game, its pros and cons, strong and weak points of different champions, how gold is earned, what you have in the inventory, and more. Then, use this knowledge to establish authority.

And if you have difficulties, remember that there’s Elo-Boost.net, where TFT specialists can boost you for a reasonable price!