Each year businesses in the UK invest nearly £3 billion into training. This is because training is critical to creating productive employees and retaining them. To start a removals company, you’ll need a decent-sized truck or van and a clean driving license, and professional driving experience will also help (from a safety perspective given the amount you’ll be driving). Fuel will be a big part of your costs; you should consider investing in an electric van or truck, which although expensive upfront cost a fraction of what it costs to run a traditional petrol or diesel vehicle. You’ll also need access to packing supplies and at least one other person to help you move large quantities of goods or heavy objects. To start your chauffeur/driver service, you’ll need at least one very efficient vehicle (to minimise maintenance, depreciation and petrol/diesel/electric costs, i.e. Toyota Prius) and be an experienced driver.

This system will help you to unleash your potential in creating successful goodtimebob.coms in a very short period of time. To start your car boot sales business, you’ll need portable tables, an eye for presentation, a large vehicle and access to a steady stream of goods to sell. From there, it’s all about sales skills and communication (anything you don’t sell is going home or being sold at cost/or below). Many car boot sale businesses will focus on a particular niche and build up a loyal customer base who come back for items such as cameras, watches or furniture. To get started with a window cleaning business, you’ll need to pick up the basics of cleaning windows and get some standard window cleaning supplies and equipment. Due to the low barriers for entry, the market is competitive for window cleaning, so make sure to get your pricing right and put together a number of standard packages.

Then you look after the pet/s at your home or property for the agreed period . To start building your network you’ll need to attend investment/startup events and begin reaching out/networking with both investors and startups . IT support businesses are largely knowledge-based endeavours that will require you to have a good understanding of different operating systems, security systems (including anti-virus) and hardware . You’re not alone, and this leads to many people choosing to have their laundry done by professionals (either because they lack the time to do it themselves or simply don’t want to).

Viewing student houses: what to look for

Facebook’s move into the metaverse will open up new opportunities for event planners in the near future. Party.Space, for example, has raised capital to scale up its metaverse-themed virtual events business. If you want job security for the future, virtual event planning is a good way to go.

  • This is very much a service-based business idea with little upfront setup cost .
  • If you have a distinct voice or are great at impressions, you can sell your services as a voice-over artist for commercial videos and in some cases TV productions.
  • Broken down, a business idea is the reason for setting up a firm.
  • Herbs are used in soaps, candles, aromatherapy oils, cooking, teas and alternative medicines.

There are great ideas wherever you look and some of them are right under your nose – you just need to learn how to see them. Gathering information about your market and using it to produce your business plan before you start trading is crucial. Acting on market research – either with major or minor changes – enables you to improve your chances of success. Drive sales and promote your business and products to new and existing customers. You need to understand your market, who they are, where they are, how they buy, what they need and why they need it. The second form should be completed as themselves, allowing you insight into what products and services may be in demand.

You can sell directly into supermarkets or you can start simply with a mobile lemonade stand you can take to festivals, community events and high traffic locations . To start an agency, you require a business space to operate from/meet clients , a team, a formal business structure such as a limited company, a clear brand and values, website and management structures/systems. An agency is a business entity with more than one person that can provide a range of services to clients.

Sell smoothies or sandwiches to local businesses

Once you’ve narrowed down the sort of business you’d like to run, it’s time to brainstorm some ideas. Do you have transferable skills like administration and customer service? Choosing a business idea that matches your skills and experience can make the process of starting a small business easier. For more profitable business ideas see our easy ways to make money. Our list of profitable small business ideas can be started from home with just a small investment. In terms of reaching your potential customer base, you can target businesses through email marketing; you can also partner with video production companies as a sub-contractor.

Growing your business

To get started you’ll need some experience of how to take photos and have atleast semi-professional camera equipment/editing software. You can market through social media, let your work speak for itself… oh and ask for clients to recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues. To get start getting work proofreading, you can list your services on platforms such as UpWork or ClickWorker. You can also reach out to local businesses via email or post to offer your services .